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the background is an edited version of this fantastic fanart.All credit to the author

The Master Appreciation Week
                       (from Monday 11th August to Sunday 17th ) 

Hello there. 
So after recent events of our showrunner sharing some opinions and information regarding the Master and the brilliant actors playing them, I feel like this week would be welcomed by the Master fandom. 
     What I am talking about? READ HERE 

The idea is that we spread some love for this character in every possible way. And I mean it. 
Create a fanart, an edit, write a drabble/fanfiction,  cosplay as one of the regenerations or do simply something to appreciate our Lord and Master. (shh he would approve of my phrasing) 

Also for the days filled with struggling moments to come and the people who need a lead. Here are some prompts for every day: 

Day 1: Favourite Regeneration and why
Day 2: Favourite Story (Tv-Series) 
Day 3: Favourite Novel or Audio with the Master 
Day 4: Favourite Quote
Day 5: Why is the Master important for the story and to you
Day 6: Favourite Relationship including the Master
Day 7: Who would you see to play the Master in the Capaldi-era and why? 

You can do EVERYTHING that comes into your mind. Everything will be appreciated and please don’t be shy. We don’t bite! 
Please tag all your entries with “The Master Appreciation Week” so the other people can find it.

Also please source things and don’t repost other people’s work if avoidable (sometimes you can’t I know.. Deviantart f.e.).  

                                        (ps: the source of the fanart I used ;) ) 

And most important. Take a part in this and SPREAD THE WORD

Have fun! 

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